Tips To Improve Your Philanthropy Efforts

Have you considered making a donation to a well-known charity? If your money is given to a legitimate organization, it has the ability to improve the lives of those in need.

You might want to contribute to a cause but don’t know how to begin with a donation. Here are some tips that should bring you peace of mind if you want to make a large contribution.

You don’t have to feel alarmed about making a large donation. If you do the research, you’ll know which organizations do as they promise.

Talk to a Financial Planner
You seek advice for other things in life, so why not the money you’ll donate? Ask a financial planner to guide you in your philanthropy. They will give you advice about how and when to donate to the cause of your choice.

Contribute Assets
You might think that cash is the only to donate to your charity, but other assets such as stocks can be given as donations.

These days, many donors are turning to donor-advised funds. These funds can convert assets into dollars which can be used to support your charity. Ask an expert if you want to learn more about this.

Understand Your Favorite Charity
A constant issue that potential donors struggle with is trust. How can one know that the charity is legitimate, and the money will go to the people in need? It is a valid concern, and you deserve to know where your money is going.

Do your research about the charity that you wish to work with. If you can’t find the answers you need online, call the charity and ask them your questions. A real organization won’t be afraid of questions. They will be happy to address your concerns about their legitimacy.

Your donation will make a difference, but you have the right to know if you’re working with a real organization–and whether your money is going where you want it to. Practice cautious philanthropy by doing research on the charities in question, getting expert help when it comes to making a donation, and finding alternate ways to contribute to the cause.

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